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The 2017 application schedule and funding allocation has just been finalized (Nov. 29). HERE is the 2017 Program Statement which covers all the CDBG programs. On pages 5 & 6, you'll see the calendar for letters of intent and full applications, and the allocation of Maine's HUD funding across the several programs.

There will be no NEW public infrastructure applications this year, in order to fund critical projects in four deserving communities. 

The LCRPC staff has been meeting with a number of Lincoln County businesses about whether this funding will help you accomplish your goals, and benefit through new jobs low and moderate income residents. We'll be glad to meet with you and your town officals to see if these funds are a good fit for you and to guide the application process. Give a call to 882-5983.

Below is info about three major CDBG programs: 


Need gap-financing to extend water or sewer to your business? Or for capital and non-equipment, land and site improvements, rehab or construction of commercial or industrial buildings -- take a look at the Economic Development Assistance Program. Here's the EDP LETTER OF INTENT due the first Friday of January, February, March and April (first round). And here's the full EDP APPLICATION due May 26 which is by invitation only (after the LOI decision). 


MEA funds assist in innovative solutions to problems faced by very small businesses. The grants can be to a business or for several businesses via a grant and loan program set up by a town. Here's the MEA LETTER OF INTENT due the first Friday of January, February and March, and the full MEA APPLICATION due April 28 (if invited to submit). 


The DR Program helps communities to implement comprehensive and integrated solutions to problems facing their downtowns. A downtown project must be a part of a strategy that targets downtown service and business districts, and will lead to future public and private investment. Here's the DR LETTER OF INTENT due January 27, 2017, with the full DR APPLICATION due March 31, 2017.


All the CDBG programs are very competitive -- please be sure to look through the 2017 Program Statement for the requirements around matching funds and jobs created. Give us a call at the LCRPC, 882-5983 or email [email protected] to learn more!