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Boothbay Harbor Awarded Funds for West Harbor Pond

The project will start this September and conclude by next June, and has several cooperating agencies and groups: the Town, West Harbor Pond Watershed Association, Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission, MDOT, DEP, DMR, IF&W, the Boothbay Region Water District and Sewer District. 

The project will to design a replacement for the 1880 siphon that for over 120 years protected the water quality of West Harbor Pond in Boothbay Harbor. With the siphon’s failure in about 2008, salt water seeping into the pond through the dam/causeway and entering the pond through the fishway at extreme high tide no longer can be removed from the pond, resulting in an effective “dead zone” below the 12’ depth with the resulting significant adverse impact on aquatic life.

Replacement of the 1880 siphon will permit the evacuation of this salt water, restoring the pond’s water quality and reversing the adverse impact on the pond’s aquatic life. The grant, matched by the WHPWA with $3,100, will allow the project to retain a diver to investigate options for installing a replacement siphon and an engineering firm to oversee ledge probes and prepare a design and cost estimate for installation.