County's Broadband ARPA Match Deadline is August 30

General Funding Requirements

  • For the CTR Cohort Two grant program, the proposed project must prioritize “Unserved” and “No Connection” subscriber locations, as defined by Maine Connectivity Authority,
  • A proposed project must serve one or more “Eligible Project Areas,” as defined by Maine Connectivity Authority.
  • Lincoln County municipalities must provide local public funding exclusively dedicated to their broadband infrastructure project (in-kind and private donations are not counted as local public funds).
  • County funds may equal but not exceed the municipal contribution. The maximum award (cap) at this time is $100,000 per municipality (for multi-town projects, $100,000 for each committed municipal partner).
  • Prior to applying to the County, either 1) an application for a specific state or federal grant must be underway; or 2) for communities which have already received state or federal funding to provide improved service to un- and under-served locations, and which have remaining locations not covered, a Town and their ISP partner together may apply for these County funds.  
  • Projects will result in broadband service speeds of at least 100/100 Mbps unless demonstrated as unfeasible, but then not less than 100/20 Mbps.
  • The County’s award will be contingent on a project receiving a state or federal grant, town funding, or other local funding exclusively dedicated to broadband infrastructure.
  • The County reserves the right to revise priorities and funding requirements, depending on the availability of state, federal, local, or private sector funds.

FOR MORE INFO, please call Mary Ellen Barnes at 882-5983 or contact Evan Goodkowsky at

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