New EPA Hazardous Site Assessment Project

The major goal of our Assessment Program is to assist a real estate transaction in order to create new jobs or save existing ones.

Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission has funding from the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to facilitate improvements and property transaction. The LCRPC along with our environmental consultant, Ransom Consulting, Inc., will nventory potential brownfield sites to quality for Assessment funds, prioritizing transactions of commercial and industrial parcels that will result in 1) job creation and retention, 2) increasing tax revenue, or 3) general economic growth. 

ESAs are typically part of due diligence by a lender or buyer prior to closing on a transaction. If the property is eligible, these environmental services are provided at no cost. We'll also consider other commercial or industrial properties that contribute to recreational and open space access, affordable housing opportunities, or as part of a downtown revitalization project.

One of the major benefits of completing a brownfields assessment for future owners is the liability protections provided under the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act (2002).  Often these assessments can be used to document a “clean” property.  Regardless, completing Phase I and/or Phase II ESAs will avoid passing environmental liability onto future owners/occupants, will make a property more marketable and potentially more valuable, reduce environmental risks and potential for offsite migration of contamination, and create goodwill within a town and neighborhood.

EPA’s Brownfields Program is over 20 years old, and has provided critical funding to assess, clean-up, and reuse brownfields all across the country – urban areas, small towns, and everything in between. Reinvesting in these properties in Lincoln County will have a ripple effect throughout our communities and our small-business based economy.

Learn more about Phase 1 and Phase 2 assessments HERE.

Recommend a property using this FORM, which can be emailed to the LCRPC. 

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