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MaineDOT has released their transportation work plan for years 2015, 2016, and 2017. To see the workplan for the entire state click here: MDOT WORK PLAN.

To see a more detailed view of projects for towns in Lincoln County please click here: MDOT LINCOLN COUNTY PROJECTS.

MDOT Traffic Data and Programs - MDOT provides a wide variety of transportation related data on its website. These include:

The current Capital Work Plan covers the period 2015-2017 although only the 2015 projects listed in the plan are funded.  LCRPC staff has prepared a summary of the Lincoln County projects in the Capital Work Plan.  The staff summary cross-references projects that are located in multiple towns and provides more detailed information on the specific locations of the projects. To view the project summary for Lincoln County click here.

Corridor Management Plans - Three highways in Lincoln County are classified by MDOT as “Corridors of Regional Economic Significance” (CRES). They are Route1, Route 27 and route 32 between Routes 1 and 17. The Midcoast Route 32 Corridor Management Plan was completed in 2010 and the Route 27 Corridor Management Plan was completed in 2011, and the Route 1 Corridor Management Plan in 2014.