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This year's climate topic will be focused on hazard mitigation, including highlighting resources in the State and Lincoln County. Monthly topics will include looking at the types of hazards in LC (flooding, summer storms, winter storms, drought, wildfire, for example) and ways to mitigate the impacts from these events.

 See 2024 Editions Below:

January 2024 Introduction to Hazard Mitigation

February 2024 - Hazard Mitigation: Flooding

March 2024 - Flooding Response

April 2024 - Hazard Mitigation: Severe Summer Storms

May 2024 - Severe Summer Storms Response

June 2024 - Hazard Mitigation: Drought


Throughout 2023 the newsletter will be featuring topics that address climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. Topics will include living shorelines, rain gardens, sea walls, and more. The 'Spotlight' series will highlight useful climate-action resources in Maine.

 See 2023 Editions Below:

January 2023 - An Introduction to Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

February 2023 - Bioretention

March 2023 - Protecting and Maintaining Existing Wetlands

April 2023 - Living Shorelines

May 2023 - Rain Collection Cisterns & Barrels

June 2023 - Manmade Pervious Surfaces

July 2023 - Green Roofs

August 2023 - Back to School Edition!

September 2023 - Building Weatherization

October 2023 - Transportation Infrastructure

November 2023 - Sourcing Locally

December 2023 - 2023 Overview

2023 Interprets Live!

In the Summer of 2023, LCRPC held Interprets Live, a climate based conversation. This conversation-based even highlighted social resilience and social vulnerability and how they relate to cliamte resilience. We were joined by Dr. Jessica Brunacini who works extensively in Maine supporting coastal communities as they plan for and respond to the impacts of cliamte change. Check out the recording here!


New for 2022, the newsletter will feature a different climate change topic each month and the effect on human life and the environment. Topics range from building and construction, ocean and fresh water, and safety and preparedness. Readers will enjoy segments such as ‘Climate Change and YOU’ which showcases practices and behaviors individuals can undertake to address, mitigate, and adapt to climate change; native landscaping, healthy travel, and energy reduction for example. Sign up here today! 

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 See 2022 Editions Below: 

January 2022 - Building and Construction 

February 2022 - Energy

March 2022 - Food 

April 2022 - Landscaping 

May 2022 - Public Health

June 2022 - Climate Change and YOU(TH)

July 2022 - Transportation

August 2022 - Groundwater

September 2022 - Surface Water

October 2022 - Storm Safety and Preparedness

November 2022 - Community Resilience

December 2022 - Soils


The Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission is preparing a monthly email series titled LCRPC Interprets: ‘Maine Won’t Wait’ Climate Action Plan. The goal of the series is to educate and distill information by providing short, easily digestible summaries of ‘Maine Won’t Wait: A Four-Year Plan for Climate Action.’ Each month will be focused on a specific strategy identified in the Action Plan. The intended audience will be town officials, interested residents, and non-profits + organizations in the area who are stakeholders in planning, land use, and climate change work. See editions from 2021 below: 

Each month will feature a different subject from the Report:

January 2021 – Introduction to newsletter project and the Climate Council’s work.

February 2021 – Effects of Climate Change on Maine

March 2021 – Strategy A: Embrace the Future of Transportation in Maine

April 2021 – Strategy B: Modernize Maine’s Buildings

May 2021 – Strategy C: Reduce Carbon Emissions in Energy and Industrial Sectors

June 2021 – Strategy D: Grow Maine’s Clean-Energy Economy and Protect our Natural Resource Industries

July 2021 – Strategy E: Protect Maine’s Environment

August 2021 – Strategy F: Building Health and Resilient Communities

September 2021 – Strategy G: Invest in Climate-Ready Infrastructure

October 2021 – Strategy H: Engage with Maine’s People and Communities

November 2021 – Implementing Maine’s Climate Action Plan

December 2021 – ‘Maine Won’t Wait’ One Year Later – What the State Has Accomplished in 2021

The monthly newsletters will follow the same format each month:

  • An explanation of the subject, including relevant scientific research and the proposed action steps identified in the Climate Action Plan.
  • Identification of a connection to municipal government/leadership or acknowledge how the subject affects town governance.
  • Promoting a Maine climate change organization, Town, or RPC doing resiliency planning on the topic.
  • Highlight a Lincoln County Business with a quick Q&A on how climate change is relevant to their business, or affects their business and how they see it affecting their business in the future. 

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