Public Comment for 2021 Lincoln County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission and Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency are soliciting public comment on the 2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan includes the types of natural disasters in Lincoln County, areas that will be impacted, and actions to mitigate their effects.

The Public Comment period will be open from September 21, 2021 through October 5, 2021.

To review the plan, follow the link here.

To provide comments, take the survey here

The benefit of completing a Hazard Mitigation Plan is eligibility for FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants. With your assistance, the County can more effectively assess your municipality’s needs, and determine the correct natural hazard mitigation measures that will work for your community.

Find more information on Hazard Mitigation Planning: 

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Sign up for the Climate Change "LCRPC Interprets!" Newsletter

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The Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission is preparing a monthly email series titled LCRPC Interprets: ‘Maine Won’t Wait’ Climate Action Plan. The goal of the series is to educate and distill information by providing short, easily digestible summaries of ‘Maine Won’t Wait: A Four-Year Plan for Climate Action.’ Each month will be focused on a specific strategy identified in the Action Plan. The intended audience will be town officials, interested residents, and non-profits + organizations in the area who are stakeholders in planning, land use, and climate change work.

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My Small Biz Still Needs Help

Maine's Small Business Administration, Maine DECD, and the Small Business Development Center shared guidance for tapping into state and federal funding and business counseling assistance at a zoom workshop October 21. Go here for the powerpoint pdf and here for the audio recording. Questions? Please be in touch with any of the resource agencies listed on the powerpoint or contact us at the RPC. 

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Maine Climate Council Updates

On December 1st the Maine Climate Council released their final report “Maine Won’t Wait, A Four-Year Plan for Climate Action”. The report is available for download at

The Climate Council is an assembly of scientists, industry leaders, bipartisan local and state officials, and engaged citizens who have spent the past 14 months drafting the climate action plan to address the effects of climate change in Maine. The goals of the Action Plan include:

  • Reducing Maine’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Avoiding the impacts and costs of inaction
  • Fostering economic opportunity and prosperity
  • Advancing equity through Maine’s climate response
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Heating & Community Resources

United Way of Midcoast Maine compiles each fall a Directory of Commonly Requested Community Services to identify a variety of locally-available services. This directory lists programs that serve Lincoln and Sagadahoc Counties and Northeast Cumberland county. The Directory is also available at UWMM’s website

Winter Holiday Resources list is a summary of area holiday meals, special food distributions for the holidays, and toy and family support activities. Note that many of these have very early deadlines. 

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New EPA Hazardous Site Assessment Project

The LCRPC has been awarded $200,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency to assist in the inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct cleanup planning and community involvement activities for hazardous waste sites in the County.

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Maine Creates New Economic Strategy

When you work on your town's Comp Plan or your Economic Development Committee sets goals for the year, what's the State's strategy for tackling important issues and setting meaningful goals.

This past summer and fall saw statewide and regional meetings of hundreds of Maine citizens, state agency and non-profit staff, and many others. The outvcome, which you may have heard about is the the first formal ten-year strategic economic development plan for the State of Maine. 

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Supplemental Assistance by Town

This is a handy guide to LiHEAP, other fuel assistance programs, SNAP, WIC, food, and tax prep help by town. This is last year's info, unfortunately the phone numbers have not been verified for this year, so some inaccuracies may exist.

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Bremen Goes Fiber

Bremen will become the first mainland town in the midcoast to become a 100% "Fiber to the Home" Community.

After a highly competitive process, the ConnectME authority awarded three broadband infrastructure grants statewide last week. The Town of Bremen, partnering with Tidewater Telecom, was chosen to receive one of those grants. $120,000 was awarded to support the Bremen fiber optic build-out that will bring high speed broadband to approximately 400 more unserved homes and businesses.

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SBA Support Services

SBA Programs & Services 


Are you eligible? Review this Maine DECD presentation with guidelines (as of Jan 8) and support resources.

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